Current Projects

Writing isn’t writing – it’s rewriting.

The Miser rewrite went very well and that version finished in the 10% of over 4,000 screenplays submitted to Gordy Hoffman's well-respected Blue Cat 2014 screenplay competition. The Readers' Notes had some nifty suggestions on ways to improve it so a rewrite will be finished soon.

The daily news is making the story line of "Lake Effect" increasingly topical as environmental aspects of Lake Erie are featured in national news reports. Some geological and geographic niceties are being carefully researched to assure story integrity.

The recently completed script "The Adversary" enters the space often called “faith based” or “spiritual” and links crushing earthly problems to spiritual battles.

Lastly, there isn’t a writer around who doesn’t want to go back to previous work. The ideas keep coming, the craft keeps improving (sometimes in millimeters, but still), and scenes written long ago keep floating by with "rewrite this" stamped on them.

Plus, see the "What ifs" in this website.

About Jim

Jim's screenplays benefit from the authenticity of a rich and varied background laden with conflicts and challenges. A decorated veteran and a graduate of Stanford Law School where he was on the Law Review, Jim left the practice of law...