Log Lines

Completed Screenplays

MISER (Drama)
War-damaged ex-Marine must trust the beautiful but troubled gold-digger who conned him out of his inheritance to reverse the con and recover his money only to face in a life-or-death confrontation the vengeful man who set it all up.


A convicted Latino thief reluctantly chooses mentoring in a senior facility by a retired white prosecutor instead of jail, but when he’s forced back into stealing has to trust the ailing ex-prosecutor’s declining savvy to engineer a life-threatening exit from a Mexican criminal cartel.

KATE (Drama)

Based on actual events, young Katharine Bushnell, M.D. at great danger combats forced prostitution in the lumber camps of 1880s Wisconsin and the tyranny which nurtures and supports it.

This script won first prize in 2011 in an international contest run by the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum.

THE ADVERSARY (Faith Based Drama)

A single Dad descends into desperation over kids, failed marriage and his failing business and then realizes from the counsel of Maria, a wise customer, his many battles may be spiritual and against a timeless adversary.

THIRD BRANCH (TV series one-hour pilot; drama)

"Third Branch" is "West Wing" set in a metropolitan courthouse, the branch of government that has the most intimate contact with the citizenry.

In the pilot episode, three "full ride" Division I football players challenge restrictive NCAA Rules that keep them penniless and worse and expose the myth of 'amateurism' in big-time college sports.

Other continuing characters, and their baggage, are introduced as well.

TITLE IX (Sports action; drama)

Determined female skater sues her way into men’s pro ice hockey, triggers a storm of violent and corrupt opposition and takes her team to the league championship.

GOLDEN PARACHUTES (Corporate Thriller)

Single mom stumbles on murders that bolster her employer’s bottom line and becomes the next target.

LIGHT SWEET CRUDE (International Thriller)

Young American engineer working in China flees for his life when he discovers a conspiracy to send advanced Chinese missile technology to middle-eastern countries in exchange for crude oil.


A rookie college professor unintentionally creates enemies wherever he goes, including his Dean and, more importantly, the basketball coach, and uses Game Theory to rescue his dream of tenure plus his first ever romance.

WATERTIGHT (Legal Thriller)

An accountant with too much information becomes an assassin’s target in a Ponzi scheme gone bad and his only hope is his alcoholic attorney.


Law student’s past threatens his future when family members track him down and blackmail him into defending their scams.