"Screenwriter: a person who writes screenplays, especially as an occupation or profession."

"Screenplay: the script for a film, including instructions for sets and camera work."

Oh, it’s much, much more. It’s delivering stories, tension, themes, excitement, lessons, characters, adventure, mystery, sorrow, passion, suffering, joy, enchantment, grief, romance, laughter, fantasy, and more, in roughly 90 minutes of that which we cherish – our time.

MISER (Drama)
War-damaged ex-Marine must trust the beautiful but troubled gold-digger who conned him out of his inheritance to reverse the con and recover his money.

THIRD BRANCH (TV series one-hour pilot; drama)

"Third Branch" is "West Wing" set in a metropolitan courthouse, the branch of government that has the most intimate contact with the citizenry.

In the pilot episode, three "full ride" Division I football players challenge restrictive NCAA Rules that keep them penniless and worse and expose the myth of 'amateurism' in big-time college sports.

Other continuing characters, and their baggage, are introduced as well.

KATE (Drama)

Based on actual events, young Katharine Bushnell, M.D. at great danger combats forced prostitution in the lumber camps of 1880s Wisconsin and the tyranny which nurtures and supports it.

This script won first prize in 2011 in an international contest run by the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum.


Convicted Latino thief reluctantly chooses mentoring at a senior facility from a retired hard-nosed prosecutor instead of jail and is forced back into thievery by a criminal cartel.

An earlier version of this script was a finalist in a contest sponsored through the Stanford Alumni Association. This script is under option to an independent studio.

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