Log Lines: What Ifs

A few of Jim's ideas which might find their way to a theater near you!

What If....

...hydrofracking under Lake Erie will cause flooding of the miles of cavernous salt mines beneath it, leading to inundation of 25% of the United States?

...two human “guinea pigs” in Stage Three drug trials discover flaws and fraud in the testing protocols and become targets for fatal "accidents"?

...a mayor wearies of his city’s employees’ incompetence and creates a shadow government funded by questionable financial practices with the city’s treasury?

...an impossible woman seeks to change and to improve only to have everyone distrust her and she reverts to her unpleasant ways to gain back their trust?

...a financial advisor’s efforts to simplify his life create multiple complications and makes things much worse?

...students at Howard University discover they’re being used as unwitting subjects for their professor’s experiment and turn the tables on her?

...a major cosmetics company’s products to promote youthful skin, hair growth, skin-tightening and more does just the opposite?

...rich parents pay their children to read more books while their kids buy and sell high tech equipment with the payments?

...a mad inventor develops a dog-training device that simultaneously turns the dog owners “dog-like” – affectionate, needy and unconditionally loving?

...a high-strung high-tech executive falls madly in love with a woman who seems to have no past, is completely off the grid and despises his life’s work?

...an unlikely inventor discovers an inexpensive additive which extends gasoline so that cars get 4,000 miles on a tank of gas and gains auto and oil companies as enemies?

...a doctoral student in geography discovers fatal flaws in widely honored research earlier published by the chairman of his dissertation committee?

...a Starbucks barista becomes the target of an unknown stalker and uses her knowledge of customer tendencies and of coffee products to thwart him?

...a blunt, impatient New York crook is put in Witness Protection and has to mellow out as a guidance counselor at a summer camp for very spoiled and entitled middle-schoolers?

...a stalker delights in ruining lives and then becomes paranoid?

...a professional model builder has his buildings, scenery, settings and even people come alive – and they think he’s God?

...a time-share salesman is forced to make his outrageous hype come true?